Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thesis Update #1

Thesis is going pretty well, I think.  I'm certainly having fun with it.  Although, I don't think I've explained what my thesis is yet on this blog...  In the last year I've become really interested in the issue of industrial agriculture.  The more I learn about it, the more disgusted I become and the more I'm drawn to buying local food.  So, for my thesis I decided I wanted to address the general lack of knowledge on the issue of factory farmed food.  I decided to do a four-part poster series using children as examples of unwitting people eating what is clearly disgusting food.  The children themselves are also unhealthy looking because they are direct products of their diets.  Below is the final version of the first poster (still subject to change), plus the original pencil sketches for the first two posters.  I intentionally gave myself extra space in the original pencil drawings so I would be able to crop them down however I wanted.  I am currently working on adding color and text to the second piece.

Again, I just want to express how much I'm enjoying this project.  Drawing chubby children is super fun!

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