Monday, November 8, 2010


Sorry it's been a little while since I've posted anything - just the usual excuse being that I am so very busy making art all the time.  Junior year is definitely shaping up to be a busy, busy year, but at least it's busy in a good way.  I would definitely say I am enjoying myself.  And on that note, I will share with you some of things I've been up to:

All of the following pieces were made for Concepts I with Allan Comport.

This first piece was for an assignment where we had a week to create a finished comp for a full page newspaper advertisement.  We were given four companies to do an ad for and I chose the World Wildlife Fund.

The assignment here was to redesign the cover of a video game and I, being nostalgic and also not being a huge video game buff, chose to go old school with the Oregon Trail computer games.  I really just wanted to pay tribute to the '90s.

This was an exercise in which we chose a phrase or phobia from a list and created an illustration to go along with that.  I based mine off of the phrase "near miss."  I happened to be sketching on an airplane and feeling pretty relaxed when I came up with the idea, hence the rather zen guy.  Note: this isn't the best scan job, the scanner didn't quite capture the delicateness of my line work and shading.  Oh well, I'll just have to rescan it at a higher resolution sometime.

And this was what was due this morning...  Our assignment was to redesign a CD cover of our choosing, and being a big BOH fan, I decided to redo the cover of their second album, Cease To Begin.  I definitely enjoyed rendering the barn owl, and the Band of Horses font was fun too.

Also, since I'm in a printmaking intro class, I have all kinds of prints that I've made in the last couple months.  Hopefully soon I'll get a chance to document them all and post them on here.  But I am quite smitten with printmaking and excited to be taking more classes in that field.

Now I must prepare to present all of my t-shirt related things to the folks at the Double Dutch Boutique tomorrow morning.  Me and eight other students from The Lab class will be presenting our various project ideas for their criticisms.  Hopefully all will go well.  It's getting closer and closer to Art Market and I am getting more and more nervous and excited to make these t-shirts!  I can't wait until they're all ready to go!

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