Monday, November 22, 2010


Here's another piece for Concepts that I just finished.  Our assignment was to design a mural for a building of our choice.  I chose the H. Furlong Baldwin Library which is part of the Maryland Historical Society and located in Mt. Vernon.

The proposed mural:
 What it might look like on the building:

Side note: I have begun t-shirt production on my faux-losophy shirts!!  But!... I overestimated my skills at screen printing and ended up ruining four shirts because I tried to screen print in my apartment in a makeshift kind of way.  So, from now on I'm going to not be lazy and actually make my way down to the Dolphin Bulilding so I can use the screen printing classroom in there.  Hopefully, I'll have better luck that way and not waste so many t-shirts.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is almost upon us and I can't wait to go home!!  I'm very ready to spend a little time away from Baltimore and the stress of college life.  Florida and delicious holiday food, here I come...!


  1. I love the tree illustration... they really should consider putting it on that building. it would be "one of those sites" tourists should see.

  2. Thanks, Mark. I don't know about it being "one of those sites", it would be one of many murals around Baltimore. But thanks for the support.