Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Old Ladies and Cats Eye Nebulas

It's printmakin' time, so here are the first examples of what I've been doing in my intaglio class this semester.  (I would have included my first lithograph, but I forgot to bring it home to document - I will, though!)  Both prints are from a 6"x8" copper plate etched in ferric chloride.

Stage One:

First time using an aquatint:


  1. Aquatints are hard! Looks like you are using a real rosin box. We had to use spray paint which made the process even more annoying. Good job though, my aquatints always looked really blotchy.


  2. Thanks, Evan! Yeah, we have a pretty nice rosin aquatint box at MICA. It definitely makes life easier. I haven't tried to use a spray aquatint yet, but it seems like it would be more difficult to attempt.