Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Printmaking - Mostly

As always, I'm spending a lot of my time printmaking.  We're starting new projects in both of my printmaking classes, but here are the final products from the last assignment in both intaglio and litho...

(it's hard to tell, but there's a faint yellow overtone here.  I wiped the plate with the teal color and then relief rolled the yellow.)

(my first ever lithograph!)

This is just a sketch I made in preparation for my next intaglio project (which means you'll see this image again as a print), but I was having fun in the computer lab, so I colored it.  No reason.  Just funsies.

I've been looking at other peoples' art and illustrations more often lately and it's helping to keep me inspired on a more regular basis.  I just want to draw things all the time.  And that's a nice feeling.  On that note, spring break is a mere four days away and I'm super excited!  Can't wait to get home to good ol' Florida.  Warm weather, here I come!

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